An effective solution for all needs

Sepigel® has a wide range of products that are constantly being developed to purify, refine and bleach oils and fats.

Sepigel® was specially designed to meet the requirements and properties of the most demanded oils on the market, with a careful selection of minerals (bentonite, stevensite-kerolite, attapulgite, etc.) and a wide portfolio of available formats: bags, BB, bulk, Railway funnel.

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Complete product range

Our extensive know-how and our cutting-edge technology enable us to offer the ideal product for every type of oil and / or fat:

From naturally active clays to highly activated clays


Naturally Active Clay

  • Naturally active bleaching earths with a pH value between 7.0 and 8.0, especially recommended for bleaching various types of oils such as palm oil, sunflower oil or tallow among others.

    Due to its special properties, it has a lower incidence on the 3-MCPD, GE and AGL formation during the palm oil bleaching process and a low red colour after de-acidification phase.


Activated Clay

  • Activated bleaching clay, which, due to its special manufacture, has physical properties that enables it to remove undesirable compounds such as coloured pigments, metals and phosphatides, among others.

    Because of its versatility, its use is recommended for bleaching all types of vegetable or animal oils and fats that have moderate bleaching difficulties.


Highly Activated Clay

  • Highly activated bleaching clay with a high specific surface area and a large number of acid centres, which enables it to efficiently and selectively adsorb undesirable compounds such as metals and phosphatides.

    Especially recommended for bleaching oils with a high chlorophyll content and coloured compounds difficult to remove. Due to its technology, this product range offers an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio for the refiners.


Chemically Activated Clay

  • Activated clay specially designed for the treatment and purification of a wide variety of feedstocks used in the production of Renewable Diesel such as vegetable oils, UCO or animal fats among others.

    The special features of Sepigel® Extra enables it to remove efficiently undesirable compounds and metals present in the feedstock and gives the product range an excellent filtration capacity, minimizing feedstock losses and therefore pretreatment costs.

The particle size distribution of Sepigel® products gives our clays an excellent filtration speed and low oil retention in the filter.

Vegetable and animal oils and fats

> Improves the organoleptic properties of edible oil or fat.

> Increases stability by eliminating oxidation-promoting products.

> Eliminates certain pigments that are responsible for undesirable colours in oils and fats.

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Mineral oils and fats

> Eliminates impurities of various types that have a negative impact on the final quality of the product.

> Improves the stability of the final oil.

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Biodiesel and Renewable diesel

> Efficiently eliminates possible impurities, soaps and metals present in the feedstock.

> Guarantees phosphorus content within the limits set by current legislation (removing organic and inorganic phosphorus).