Specialists in bleaching earths

We are an important multinational brand in the extraction, treatment and marketing of mineral solutions for the purification, refining and bleaching of oils and fats.

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Value-added solutions

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to offer a wide range of solutions based on specific clays for every type of oil or fat.

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Environmental awareness

We are committed to the care and protection of the environment. For this reason, we pursue sustainable mining and are constantly researching new production methods and products with a low environmental impact.

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More than 30 years of experience in market developing technological solutions for purifying, refining and bleaching oils and fats.

What is SEPIGEL®?


Our Sepigel® range, is constantly evolving, offering 100% efficient solutions for a wide range of applications:

& Innovation

We are leaders in researching and developing solutions based on specialty clays. Our own laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and a highly qualified and specialized research team for each area of application.

The technology used in the manufacture of Sepigel® guarantees high bleaching activity, excellent filtration speed and lower retention of oil or grease in the filter, which overall significantly reduces bleaching costs.


Security of
supply and production

Mining reserves
guaranteed for every kind of application
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